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tv   ABC7 News at 900PM on KOFY  KOFY  October 7, 2012 9:00pm-9:30pm PDT

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>>it's happening in oakland ere 2300eoplemarche thughhe downtown area ittartedbout 7:0 the gup broke the gls at city hall and smashes windows in businesses. all this lasting about 30 minutes before the group dispersed. there is no word of anyone being arrested. we'll have a live report at 11:00 over on abc7. good evening, i'm ama daetz. welcome to the first edition of abc news at 9:00. an emergency order by the governor as gas surprises spiked. average price is 4.65 a gallon but you can find plenty of stations selling gas at more than $5 a gallon. more from tomas ramon. >> rick of berkeley is filling up here in orinda.
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he says the price came as shock from what he paid a few days ago. >> it's gone up 50 cents since last time. >> reporter: the price of gasoline has gone up more than 50 cents in many bay area cities. some california gas prices are more than a dollar above the national average. price hike is blamed on few refinery problems in the state. governor brown asked treirns switch to a winter formula of gas. he says that will bring in 8-10% more supply spelling relief to drivers and businesses. they find the percentages a bit optimistic. >> if it is right, that would have a major impact on the price of gasoline, increasing our supply 8-10% would be plenty to bring down prices. >> reporter: s figure they don't have any choice to pay high prices. >> it cost more to build here,
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cost more to do business here and goes more to buy gas here. >> reporter: california has a few refineries to produce the special fuel for the state and we are very vulnerable position when refinery accidents happen. >>eni dianneeinstein asking tonvesgate e recent hike in gas prices. she wants them to establish a permanent market monitoring team. professor says it will be very difficult to determine some companies holding back supply and regular market forces. now to this weekend's other big story. all the events going on in san francisco. from fleet week and america's cup to parades and festivals. hundreds of thousands of people were drawn to the city. sergio quintana reports. >> reporter: blue angels, speeding overhead is the only thing audiences have to pay attention to on fleet week. but today they had some
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competition. >> very loud. >> from marina green, the sailing got a pre-air race show for the latest stage of the competition. >> i was on tv, we watched it. since we were here, so we came. >> sailing and aerial acrobat ix would be plenty for one weekend but this is big bay weekend. here they add someday of their own flying for the annual castro street fair. >> we thought the traffic was going to be horrible but literally we got here quicker than we normally do. >> reporter: but public transportation was the most sensible ways of navigating e city. that incles theif st i geldolden gate park. lodging was at a premium.
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>> yh, i did heo look a lot to find a deal. i still paid a lot. >> reporter: if there wasn't enough going on, italian-american parade added one more attraction. >> to get an idea how business busy they have been, muni had hundred thousand more fares than on a typical saturday. that is a jump of about 50%. bart tells me they actually had a ridership record. they had 120,000 more people than on a typical saturday, a jump of about a third. on pie 32, i'm sergio qnta. >> the weather this weekend was rft for l those ents. let's eck on the forecast ad find out what is in storeor the rest of the week. >> we are going to start to ee changes. we'll begin, temperatures start come down. you can see from live doppler 7-hd some of the low clouds starting to move into the
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valleys, from santa rosa down to novato, vallejo and even san francisco, that is good sign that onshore wind flow is occurring over the bay area. folks right now, it is 57 in santa rosa. 58 in san francisco. 64 in antioch and 61 in livermore. sprinkles and accu-weather seven-day forecast, we'll take a look coming up. hercules police need your help to find out who killed a 55-year-old woman. the body was found near the entranceway to her home. her husband believes they got through a sliding door. they held a candlelight vigil. they say homicides is hercules is very rare. they took off a blue hatchback subara. >> a man was arrested in golden gate park this afternoon after policeayhessault woman. happened in mallard lake area at 4:00 p.m.
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the man dragged the woman in the bushes. no wd if she suffered y injues. phmacy linkedo anutrage of fungal meningitis has issued a voluntary recall of all its products. there are more than 90 confirmed cases in nine states. seven people have died. new england compound center issued the recall out of abundance of caution but the fda already issued an alert. the company sent its products to four clinics in california, including ukiah, and palmdale. >> up next, george clooney, stevie wonder and katie perry in the audience as president obama makes fun of his own debate performance.@p@po'u]+w87@├žoj
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30 ds to go and both candidates are enjoying new momentum tonight. governor romney is drawing his biggest crowd yet. >> 9,000 supporters jammed the town square, 6,000 last night, all ready to turn the president out of office. >> you hear hisnswers or non-answers. now, of course, days later we are hearin hi excuses and nxt january we'll be watching him leave the white house for the last time. >> team romney is feeling the momentum from his debate performance and obama campaign is admitting even the president realizes he didn't perform at his peak. >> i think you can assume he reviewed the tape and it will inform how he handled these subsequent debate.
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>> the unemployment rate went below 78% and he broken record by raising $181 million just in septemr. it's an issue from the debate >> governo romney' central economic plan calls for a five trillion tax cut. >> i don't have a five trillion tax cut. >> that has campaigns arguing. what is the truth? romney does want to cut tax rates, that would reduce revenue by five trillion over ten years. he would offset the loss by eliminating loopholes and deductions but he has refused to say which ones. >> romney's solution he decided there wasn't math involved in this problem. that is absolutely crazy. >> as the president continues the fund-raising swing in the west, mitt romney will deliver a speech tomorrow with a stinging rebuke of obama policy especially in the middle east.
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president obama appeared at nokia theater in los angeles and allied today his lack laws terrify debate performance last week. >> everybody is incredible professionals and they perform flawssly night after night. i can't ways say the same. >> he came on stage after perfornces by perform answers. he went to a $25,000 per plate dinner. >> he is in san francisco tomorrow. his first event is intercontinental hotel in san francisco. traffic signs is mark regular strict areas. followed by a dinner and concert reception at bill graham center. vice president joe biden and paul ryan face off on thursday.
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>> just ahead, a hot air balloon on fire. and after a cool weekend, what is ahead for your weekend. leigh glaser is up next. >> i'm mike shumann, 49er offense exploded for a
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>> a hot air balloon festival in arizona had scary moments after one of balloons caught fire. a balloon was getting filled up with propane when the tether rope snapped. the pilot managed to steer the balloon away from the crowd and landed a half mile away. leigh glaser is here checking our weekday forecast.
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>> we'll see a few changes, a terrific weekend, wasn't it? we are going to start to see changes really as we head into monday morning right into the wednesday time period. it cld include srinkle or two, maybe alighthow in the south bay. high definition east bay cam showing you the beautiful lights looking west toward downtown san francisco. and live doppler 7 hd, you can see some of the mid and high-level clouds are streaming over south bay locations. here are low clouds starting to move in the north bay valley areas. santa rosa, down towards petaluma, san rafael, socked in this morning with very dense valley fog. do it again tomorrow morning so keep it in mind. south of this location, salinas, up wards gilroy, mid-level clouds are sitted.
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they start to continue to increase across your area, temperatures won't be as chilly as last night. here is a look at current readings, it's 61 in antioch. san francisco right now, 57 degrees. 61 in mountain view. san jose at 60 degrees and los gatos, 64. here is a look at forecast. clouds and areas of dense valley fog overnight tonight. it will be a little cooler for all of us as we get into our monday afternoon with clouds increasing throughout the day. then a chance of maybe a brief shower, maybe sprinkles. south bay locations as we head into tuesday, possibly lingering in to wdnesday mornin this ith setup cuoff ws o th coast. broht us alst cud free day. fog free, saturday and snday the lo gs closer to us,the clds will stt to move in. ther is a lttle bt o moturessociated withhe
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syem. heret 3:00 in the afternoon, you will see moisture, counterclockwise spin as the low gets a little closer to us, by tuesday it could possibly see some of the moisture in south bay lations. wn to mitor lay bsanta cr area and tnfterhat the low wll track into southern california and we'll say goodbye to that. so chance of seeing any sprinkles is diminished. tuesday, early wednesday morning south san jose could possibly see a sprinkle or two as the system comes by. low clouds and fog will move inland andhen afteoon sunshind paial cleang ther 40nortaynd 50 elsewhere and temperatures will come down a few degrees. 73 for antioch. 71 for concord. notice some low 70s in the north bay and we'll look for mid 70s
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out towards gilroy and hollister. accu-weather seven-day forecast, clouds and chance of sprinkles mainlysouth esday and wednesday. dip in the numbers on thursday. picking the clouds back up on friday and start to warm things up saturday and sunday it's not too late to win $49,000 from "abc 7 news." vanessa and christina and patty b. has entered on the facebook page. just go to the facebook page and win $49,000 button for all the fun details. congratulations. good luck. mike shumann is here with sportsnd probably something good with the giants. >> let's start off with the 49ers. win over the bills. 620 yards total offense. alex smith, 237 yards passing
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and about this? first time, they had 300 yard passer and two 100-yard receivers. the color of the day. second quarter, alex smith finds cal williams, nice move. 43 yards. one of 7 plays over 20 yards today. there is a fumble recovery, smith to michael crabtree, first td catch of the year, 17-3 niners at the half. third quarter touchdown, niners running away and finally colin, got a lot of playing time. 16-yard touchdown run. 311 yards rushing. improving to 4-1 and recently engaged patrick willis was proud of his offense. >> we can do it suay in and sunday out but to get a big game
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under your belt. they know they can do it, trying to reach new levels. >> and chargers, and pass, drew breestd pass 448 games setting a record for. >> i think it was only to 46 game hitting streak by joe dimaggio. >> a's and tigers and detroit game and a's can't get out of their own way handing detroit too many unearned runs. they are cheering on their tigers. josh reddick, three of them. he tried to keep up. at one point he retired ten in a row. now tied one in the seventh. cliff pennington, r.b.i. single,
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two runs score. two out and two on, he pops it up and coco crisp has a bead on it but he drops it. both runners score. two unearned runs. a's rally in the eighth. second and third, joaquin throws it wild. we're tied at 3. next hit, 3-2 count on josh reddick and it's outta here! two outs, it gets away, john kelly scores. game tied at 4. one out, the same, kelly a sack fly, scores one and tigers take the lead with a 5-4 victory. they can close out the a's at coliseum. >> you have to move on. you won't be prepared to the best of your capabilities on tuesday. you have to let it go.
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>> we have some work to do. we got guys are gog o for e ttle and t to win the series. >> game one between division rivals. they were tied at 2 and solo shot in the ninth inning and yankees go on to win 7-2. reds are all over the giants leading 9-0 in the bottom of eighth. brandon belt broke that up but complete highlights over at abc7. >> cardinals hosting nationals, st. louis led 2-1 in the eighth and here is single both runners will score and nats will take game one, 3-2 the final. >> sprinted cup, 20 cars would
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need roadside assistance. tony stewart were trying to block michael waltrip. you can see what happened after that. despite the mess, matt kenseth takes the checkered flag. >> not looking good for the a's or giants. they will both to have win three straight. >> they need to get it together. >> we wanted to share some of your giants and a's fan photos. look at this little guy and little girl showing their pride. you can e-mail us your photos, all your fan photos for the a's or giants, go to ureport or share them with us on facebook or on twitter. we'll be showing some of those photos on the air throughout the playoffs. >> up next the
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joey, dinner!!!!! alllllriggghtttt! joey junior!! alllllriggghtttt! that's what you're wearing! what? thank you jack for bringing the cheesesteaks. well i just want to know what my favorite philly cousins think about my new- sourdough cheesesteak melt. i took all the best parts, thinly sliced steak, melty cheese, onions and peppers but i put it on warm, toasty sourdough. fan-cy. sourdough is my thing. i'm busting your chops, the cheesesteak's good.
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say it. you're better at hockey.
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coming up at 11:00, more trouble for the tsa tonight. shocking statistics about what is and isn't getting done. blastoff, resupply to the international space station and how you can take a glimpse of the space station at 11:00. >> men had to prove they can carry their relationship. it was the wife carrying competition prove their worth. a financeish couple won the prize, prize equal to five times the wife's weighted plus her weight in beer. that was $530. >> i told my wife to beef up for that. >> that will do it for our


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